It is nothing less than an ordeal. Ours has been such an arduous journePowered by Stribon Technologyy. we met and served many requisites of our area sharing a heritage. Now a cherished and assiduous assignment as well a commitment is on the ground in the man-making direction of education. It is our momentous achievement, a composite whole.
On this solemn ocassion, in my humble capacity and disposition I feel my self honoured and glorified. Solanki B.Ed. Teachers' Training College in the region is a ceremonial break through. It culminates the genuine efforts of those who vow to the cause and growth of education in this part of the state which is reckoned as a harbinger in all fields of activity. Now we have to cater a real and prolific professionalism with a due sense of service for building career in the region. We will produce teachers for whom it is captioned in the new education policy (1986) - "No nation can go beyond the qualitative level of its teachers". We are going thus, to shape our nation's future, mould the skill of our coming workforce for upbringing a progressive citizenship and participation in community living.
So we aim at improving the quality of education, diversity contents and methods, promote experimentation, innovation, diffusion and sharing of information and best practices.
I Congratulate youfor your presence with us.

J.N. Singh Solanki
Sri Moti Singh Memorial Society


On Being asked, "What is your goal in education? Mahatama Gandhi replied "Character Building", I would try to develop courage, strength, virtue, the ability to forget onself in working towards great aims. I should feel that if we succeed in building the character of the individual, society will take care of itself".


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"Men are disturbed, not by the things that happen, but by their opinion of the things that happen"

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